• Travego

    The Travego earns your company wide recognition wherever you go. It not only impresses with its cutting-edge technology, stylish design and refined comfort, but also thanks to the Mercedes star. So you benefit from the outstanding prestige of the Mercedes-Benz brand while bolstering your company's image.
  • Tourismo

    The coach is one of the world’s safest modes of transport, thanks in no small part to Mercedes-Benz innovations. See the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz integral safety concept for yourself, simply by taking a look at the Tourismo.

City Buses

  • Citaro

    With its eye-catching design, the Citaro has always been a trendsetter in local public transport. As regards comfort, the new Citaro has continued to build on its strengths. Added to the continuous low-floor and spacious interior, there are now more comfortable entrances and exits, more ergonomic passenger seats and a completely redesigned driver’s workstation. For even more safety and excellent comfort. All this makes the new Citaro an advertisement for your company.
  • Conecto

    With its stepless design and three/four doors ( solo vehicle and articulated bus respectively), the Conecto is a distinctly welcoming sight at the bus stop. The continuous low-floor from front to rear makes for rapid passenger flows – even children and people with restricted mobility can board without any difficult – with the added benefit that the driver can keep to even the most demanding timetable with ease.


  • Coach

    Give free rein to the imagination of your designers. The Mercedes-Benz OC500 RF chassis for touring coaches and rural-service buses gives you a flexible basis for realising your ideas Also, the Mercedes-Benz star on an engine is considered a seal of quality virtually wherever you go in the world. The OC 500 RF will impress your customers accordingly.
  • City Bus

    Thanks to the high-quality components used which have already proven their worth in the urban buses and touring coaches with the three-pointed star, you will ensure for yourself and your customers real competitive advantage. The innovative Mercedes-Benz engineering used is particularly durable, reliable and economically efficient.
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