Genuine Parts

Keeping your bus original.

With over 100,000 permanently stocked, state-of-the-art parts we are setting new standards in the replacement parts market. Original parts that are worth their price. Extensive testing and function tests are required before a replacement part or accessory becomes an original part with quality. Ongoing inspection and testing procedures guarantee reliability, durability, and functionality and thus your success.

With Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts you benefit from more than one hundred years’ experience in vehicle and parts construction. Thanks to their exceptional quality, approved safety and outstanding reliability, these parts are a compelling proposition. What is more, the extreme durability and outstanding price/performance ratio of our Genuine Parts is particularly cost-effective.

Inimitable and unmistakable: precisely defined manufacturer's specifications plus comprehensive checks and extensive tests guarantee that each and every genuine Mercedes-Benz part meets our highest quality standards and is always absolutely state of the art. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts can be recognised by their unmistakable hologram packaging.

As part of a sophisticated logistics structure, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are made available to you as quickly as possible via your dealer – and including installation if required.

Our Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts ensure that your vehicle stays a genuine Mercedes-Benz down to the finest detail and that you reach your destination quickly and safely.

  • Braking systems

    Brake Pads:

    Do you take any risks when it comes to safety?

    The braking system is one of the most sensitive safety factors in a bus. This can be seen during tedious stop/start travel in urban traffic, in switching between braking and accelerating, on winding cross-country stretches and at the decisive braking moment when every metre counts.

    They provide you with:

    • 100% harmonisation with the build features of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses.
    • Excellent stopping power over a short braking distance.
    • Above-average service life.
    • An environmentally-friendly solution, due to the total absence of asbestos.
    • Excellent noise characteristics.
    • Optimum comfort characteristics with comfortable pedal response and little tendency to rub.


    Brake Callipers:

    Do you always feel safe in emergency situations?

    Emergency situations are infrequent. However, they provide a gauge whereby perfectly functioning brake callipers can be measured.

    The benefits of brake callipers are:

      • Under normal operating conditions, a genuine brake calliper can achieve a service life of more than one million kilometres.
      • Genuine brake callipers possess certain quality features and safety-relevant properties. Reconditioned or repaired brake callipers are never used.
      • Compliance with the strict development requirements of series production.
      • Constant quality checks during manufacture.

  • Bumpers

    Safe, robust and economical - the quality bumper.

    The bumper with proven quality was designed, built and tested specifically for your Mercedes-Benz bus or Setra coach. In addition to its robustness and its high accuracy of fit, it is characterized by its excellent material and workmanship. As a result of long development and complex testing the original bumper offers exactly what you expect: high efficiency, robustness and maximum security in daily use.

    Product advantages at a glance:

    • Distinguished for their robustness and their high degree of accuracy as well as an excellent material and workmanship.
    • The perfect fit and perfect alignment on all adjacent vehicle components enable fast and economical installation.
    • Manufactured under the strict requirements of series development and are developed further - for maximum safety and durability and optimum aerodynamics.
    • Each and every bumper shall prove its reliability in laboratories, on test benches and in endless kilometers to get the title of proven quality.

  • Driver Belts

    Don’t save in the wrong places.

    When changing a Driver belt, there are many reasons for choosing a quality-tested belt, because high-quality materials guarantee a very high level of safety and reliability together with a long service life:

    • High level of abrasion resistance and durability.
    • High loading capacity.
    • Optimum rigidity.
    • Optimum vibration characteristics.
    • Excellent noise characteristics.
    • Cold start capability at temperatures as low as -40 °C and good dynamic and static temperature resistance up to 140 °C.
    • The optimised design ensures excellent flexibility and provides a very high level of stability and optimum economy.

  • Driver Seats

    Adjust your driver's seat according to your individual needs.

    The driver's seat is one of the most important connections between the driver and your bus or coach. Ergonomics, comfort and individual adaptation are therefore essential requirements to assist your driver to take your passengers safe and relaxed to their destination. If the driver of the vehicle gets stressed by usage of inappropriate or worn seats can lead to various health impairments. Those impairments can lead to stress, tiredness and absenteeism. Using a comfort suspension seat with proven quality you can rely on a workspace supporting safety and well-being. It combines ergonomics and comfort and thereby prevents back pain. Your Service point offers not only comprehensive advise on which seat to choose, but also supports you to repair your existing seats and order of all replacement parts. No matter if you want to upgrade or adapt your up-to-date- or older seats, or if you have individual wishes about the design of your passengers seats - Your Service Point is the right contact if you have any questions concerning seating.

  • Filters

    Interior Filter (also Cabin Filter):

    Is the air in your bus always clean?

    A passenger wants the interior air to be as clean as possible, especially when travelling in urban traffic or on the motorway. The same goes for people who suffer from allergies when travelling cross country through blooming fields and meadows.

    You can still breathe freely, if you have a quality-tested interior filter, and it will provide relief in winter and summer alike.

    • Dramatic reduction in the critical pollutants contained in the external air drawn in by the heating system such as dust, rust, abraded rubber and brake pad material, bacteria, plant pollen and spores.
    • Optimum utilisation by the filter of the surface area of paper installed inside the filter.
    • Low pressure loss even during high levels of air flow in the passenger compartments.
    • Proven reliability for the entire service life.
    • The optimised positioning of the various interior filter elements inside one housing ensures a high level of efficiency and very effective leak tightness within the heating system.


    Engine Filter:

    Keep your engine going.

    Clean oxygen is simply a question of filter quality, and a high-tech engine breathes best through a quality-tested air cleaner. The reasons for this are right there in the air:

    • Filter with a fineness measureable in micrometres.
    • Maximum dirt absorption capacity.
    • Optimum fold geometry: It manages to fold up a large area of paper within a very small space, thereby achieving a high level of dirt absorption and long filter service life.
    • Absolute leak tightness.
    • Stable protective cover.
    • Precise dimensional accuracy: quality-tested air cleaners are manufactured with precision-fit accuracy and provide a very precise match between filter element and housing, thereby contributing to the optimum operation and leak tightness of the entire system.

  • Windscreens

    Safe in every respect - Windscreens with proven quality.

    The windscreen is one of the most important components concerning the safety of passengers and driver. It offers protection from environmental influences like wind and weather and also infrared radiation. It increases safety in emergencies and supports the stability of the vehicle.

    Windscreens with proven quality were specially designed for your Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus and coach, to offer protection to you and your passengers. Don't make compromises in quality of your windshield and rely on the original - because quality is decisive. Product advantages at a glance:

    • Windscreens with proven quality, made of high quality materials, ensure a long lifetime.
    • The perfect combination of Original-Windscreen and Original-Glue, allows fast and accurate replacements by having short waiting times. It also ensures your windscreen fits perfect and is tension-free.
    • Minor damage which does not require a replacement of the whole windscreen can be repaired quick and easily, using the Small Repair-Service.
    • Windscreens with proven quality are subject to strict quality controls during the production process and offer highest product-quality.

  • Wiper Blades

    100 % clear view - with wiper blades with proven quality.

    The most demanding time of the year for wiper blades – it’s not the winter as you might think, but the summer. Between June and September in many areas almost half the annual rainfall occurs, in addition pollen, tree resin and insects tarnish the view. If that happens it becomes dangerous. This is why good quality wiper blades are so important for safety in traffic. Wiper blades with proven quality were specially designed for your Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus and coach and ensure a streak free vision despite the weather.

    Don’t make any compromises regarding your wiper blades and rely on the Original – Because quality is decisive.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Optimal wiping quality.
    • Clear wiping pattern.
    • Efficient cleaning.
    • High resistance against heat and cold.
    • High resistance against shocks and impacts on the windscreen.
    • Low wind and wiping sounds.
    • Coordinated quality of material and processing.
    • Integrated wear-indicator for timely replacements.
    • Product labeling indicating original parts quality.
    • Handy set-packages.
    • Easy to understand manual printed on package.

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